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Christian Book Review: The Accidental Guardian by Mary Connelly

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

When I read American historical novels, I often google the places described in the text.

This photograph is Lake Tahoe. In the novel, The Accidental Guardian by Mary Connelly, Deb the main character is taken aback when she first views this beauty.

In Chapter 23: “I’ve never seen anything like it,” Deb murmured. “Surely it must be the most beautiful site on earth. The lake itself is so high up here in the mountains. And look at the white peaks and forests surrounding them, all reflecting on the water. It’s spectacular. How is there such a huge lake up here?”

After reading this, I was definitely curious to see it for myself. The photo confirms it's pretty spectacular.

The novel, set in 1867 is about a young man, Trace Riley who’s taken it upon himself to protect a wagon trail from murderous thieves, after his own father died in a similar attack.

He discovers a survivor, Deb Harkness, who was stranded with her sister and two small children left orphaned from the vicious attack. (Note here: if you don't like graphic scenes, then maybe this isn't the novel for you.) Trace offers refuge and with Deb being a witness to the crime, they embark on tracking down the offenders together.

If you enjoy historical Christian fiction with a touch of romance, this could be an excellent read for you; the first of a series called High Sierra Sweethearts.

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